Thursday, June 11, 2009


Lavine Hudson: Intervention

From Intervention (Virgin, 1988)

Lavine Hudson never exploded like she should have in the US, but the UK singer remained a hot sensation back in her homeland - appearing on the gospel show People Get Ready with John Francis. It's a strange phenomenon hearing her Virgin debut that the pop label perfectly groomed her into a crossover artist. She was light years away from the very same sound that BeBe & CeCe Winans and Helen Baylor became known for. Unfortunately, high expectations were met with low sales. The album Intervention only landed in the top 20 on the gospel charts.

With the conditions of our sagging economy and the violent warfare in our country and abroad plaguing the headlines, I felt it was neccesary to re-introduce this encouraging track. Many may not remember it, but I'm pretty sure you will enjoy the '80s, Paula Abdul-ish, light-synth pop sound.

From what I've been told, Hudson disappeared from the recording scene and is currently suffering from poor health. While she's battling to bounce back, she hopes to record another CD in the future. Our prayers go out to her. You can learn more about her from her official web site at

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