Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Notes from the Attic

I love music. Any kind of music. Long as its swingin'.

The words from the Mighty O'Jays almost feel prophetic for a lil' guy like me. I've been a lover of music since my early childhood spinning Atlantic and Stax records on my lil' teeny-weenie phonograph. Now that I'm a grown man, I find myself more and more running back to the prophets of old to get inspiration. You gotta give it to them. Without their bright, mesmeric contributions to the world of music, what in the world would our foundations be like.

So with all the rich history of music I've experienced, I thought it would be interesting to post a smorgasbord of great music. Sure there's plenty of mp3 blogs already in existence but I felt it was time to jump into the fast lane.

Why another blog?
I'm asking the same question? LOL. But all this music in my crib feels almost like a book that needs to be read. Sure, I've read it, but others need to read it as well. Hopefully it will awaken cultures to new concepts and music fans to new artists and overlooked music.

What to expect from J. MATT'S ATTIC?
Actually the question needs to be reversed: What SHOULDN'T we expect from J. Matt's Attic? I don't have much patience for profanity and trifflin' behavior, so the music posted will definitely reflect music with maturity. I do expect the comments to be the same.

But to better answer that question, expect to see LOADS of funk, soul, R&B (60s-present), pop, disco, soft rock and even some gospel. And when I say loads, I mean loads.

Will you ever post full albums?
Umm, that depends. But I probably won't. Firstly, it takes time. Secondly, I do want the artists to make their money. Since most of the posts are from vinyl records that definitely needs some major re-distribution and are very difficult to locate in either vinyl or compact disc, my hope is that it will lead you to at least check out their discographies. Plus I'm trying my best not to put up a lot of screech-scratch material that comes from all of those years of excessive play from all of those fun times I've had in the basement. With me and my stereo. You don't wanna hear what my SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, POINTER SISTERS Break Out and CULTURE CLUB Colour By Numbers records sound like. So you may run across a good deal of high-quality MP3s from digitally-remastered versions posted.

Will there be daily posts?
I am a graphic designer and webmaster for a number of web sites. I also review albums for PRAYZEHYMN and just recently began contributing album reviews to - the #1 website for soul music (What a plug, but it's true). I really wish I could post something here EVERY day but my schedule just won't afford me that great pleasure. Still, I will do my very best to keep the blog updated and will strive to have it 100% operable. Just make sure you frequently check back here for the latest updates and posts. I don't want you to miss nothin'.

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